Our mission in Shak’s World is to create respectful and successful athletes by creating an uplifting experience for teams and athletes of all skill level. We are on a mission to permanently change the mentality of youth based in Barrie, ON. We supports youth mental health programming throughout the community. Proceeds from every fundraising initiative are directed toward the local mental health programs that allow children to participate in local basketball programs, create bonds with local mentors and businesses.

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On March 12, 2017 we held our First Annual Cure Courts Basketball Tournament at Georgian College where we invited youth ages 10-18. This tournament brought upwards of 90 youth together for a day of activity, trivia and education. Local business owners were given the opportunity to support Youth Mental Health and Cure Courts by being a sponsor to provide youth with hot food, water, snacks, and the option to participate at no cost. Children are the future why not start now?

founder / mentor

Hi there, I'm Shak!

Shak's World was created in hopes of creating respectful-successful athletes. My years of playing basketball were the best of my life. I didn't always make friends, I most certainly discovered my family, and through basketball, I know that this family will be with me for the rest of my life.


This organization was founded on the idea that an sports organization can deliver both athletic AND community development at every age and ability.

Changing the mentality of our youth is a big mission but with the support of our community, through basketball we can make an amazing difference in countless lives. 


“Shanicka Edwards brings an infectious energy to the game of basketball. Even with her relatively small stature she’s brings a huge presence to the gym. She has an extensive knowledge and passion for the game that overflows onto the individuals she works with.”

—  Sylvester Murray [ Hall of Fame Basketball ]